Exclusive mix for The Word Magazine.

The Word Magazine asked us to make an exclusive mix for them with music related to RELEASE. As this joint project has been pretty low-profile lately and most efforts we’ve done concerning electronic DIY-music have been through our 22tracks Future Beats list, we thought to incorporate both. Compiling some of the tracks we like best from artists who’ve reached out to us through both projects.

The result is a mix with nothing but tracks by Belgian and Dutch based / rooted producers. Rather downtempo. All styles. With some exclusives, a lot of unreleased music and some more established artists you might not directly know what their connection with Belgium or The Netherlands is but, believe us, exists. We also answered some questions about it giving you more info about it all. Enjoy.

About RELEASE … . Not that any projects are scheduled but the beast as been stirred a bit and has opened an eye wondering why it should get off its lazy arse. So maybe greatness can be expected again. Who knows ? (we do of course but lets keep it all mysterious for now, haha).