The Word Magazine.


As you probably know Bart, 1 of the 2 Onda Sonora DJs, writes a column for The Word Magazine’s website. Last one, just published, is about a few exciting acts from Antwerp making music we love to categorise as that neatly vague term “Beats”. Wayward, rhythm-driven music that doesn’t really fit in any other genre is a better description albeit a bit long. Anyway it highlights 3 excellent EPs, from Pomrad, Internal Sun and A/T/O/S respectively, all released the last few weeks.

There’s also a printed issue of The Word out in the shops. A hefty volume with lots of interesting articles about Belgium and one written by Bart. An interview with Jozef Devillé, the man behind The Sound Of Belgium, the documentary about Belgium’s contribution to sequenced, dance music. An absolutely essential movie you all need to see. The next 2 screenings are tonight at RIVA (formerly known as Boccacio) in Destelbergen and our capital’s finest club Fuse on Saturday. Don’t miss out.

More news related to this fresh edition of The Word magazine soon.