Radio Show 16/10/2013 – Weyrd Son Records Special


This week we have Michael Thiel, the man behind Weyrd Son records in our studio. This Brussels based label specialising in dark electronic music started with a Snowy Red, Michael’s father, tribute compilation followed up by a Mushy / Meedicine split EP and since this week an exquisitely packaged Linea Aspera EP. We talk about what motivated him to begin with this project, what the philosophy behind it is and of course the music that has been or will be released. The interview is in French, the announcements in between in Dutch, in true Brussels style, but we know that’s no problem for polyglots like yourself.

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Hector Zazou – Opening Tune – Music Box
Bene Gesserit – Bene Dub – Walhalla
Kozmetika – Jedne Noci Na Terasi Na Moru – ZKP RTVL
Newclear Waves – Blood Blood Blood – Weyrd Son
Scorpion Violente – Euroshima (Wardance) – Weyrd Son
Mushy – Phantom Love – Mannequin
Mushy – Baby Tonight – Weyrd Son
Meddicine – Go Go Betty! – Weyrd Son
Meddicine – I Dream You Are Here – Weyrd Son
Linea Aspera – Vultures – Weyrd Son
Mushy – Can I Hold The Sky – Weyrd Son
Marie Davidson – Abduction – Weyrd Son
Linea Aspera – Royal Straight – Weyrd Son
High-Functioning Flesh – Glowing Dripping (demo) – Weyrd Son