RADIO SHOW 22/10/2013.


House, Minimal Wave and Disco this week. Building up to the weekend where we play at 10 years (Friday) and with Mr Leenknecht at Baar (Saturday).

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Ana Rago – You’re God (I:Cube rmx) – Set
Beautiful Swimmers  – Swimmers Groove – Future Times
Vitor Hublot – Aller Simple – Psoria
Borghesia – Pier 46 – Dark Entries
Dinosaur L – In The Corn Belt – Sleeping Bag
Ben Mays – Lover Man (Lover Man) – Still Music
Soulboy – Harmonica Track (dub) – Minimal Records
Kim Cummings – Your Attitude – Music Station
Charades – Gimme The Funk – Brunswick
Wildlife – All In Good Time – SRS Records
Mike Huckaby – We Can Make It – Deep Transportation
Insomnia – The Bottle ’91 – E-Motive