Spectakulo 2019

20 years ago (or 21 if you believe some) we started a little festival called Spectakulo in and around JH Eenders in Halle. This was even before we officially started doing parties called Onda Sonora which led to what we’re still doing today. We’re slowly getting old.

Over the years the event grew and names got bigger. We always kept our own little corner of vintage Onda Sonora partying and had, next to the endless share of good friends, a fair share of top names, usually in fine Onda Sonora tradition well before they got famous or fully recognized. Victor Simonelli (2005), 2000WAT, Thierry Steady Go, Brekbit, Mellow P, Aardvarck, Kid Sublime and Tom Trago (filling in for Antal) (2006), Benji B (2007) and Mad Mats (2008). Next to Rikkie, Wouter, Kiki, Waffer, Le C, Jugglin’, Lefto and the many other copains who made our little festivals what it became through multiple appearances.

The last one we were at the helm was in 2008 but after us new generations stood up and took the festival to new highs (and one time a low). Reaching a new summit celebrating our 15th anniversary together with good friends Phil Asher and Lefto. The freshest batch of young enthusiasts asked us a few months ago if we would like to be part of the jubilee this year. Even if we had turned off a switch in our heads of couple of editions ago we were quickly convinced to get on board again. Not in a spectacular fashion but the way we do things nowadays. Quality first, ignoring hype.

So we cooked up a fine line-up of friends we thoroughly respect and love. Not strictly musical but with a culinary extra.

So expect a quality sound system, the guys from Henri serving something delicious from the brand new food truck and a craft beer bar with a selection curated by ourselves. Entrance is free.

Our stage, called the Parvis, its line-up:
12u00-15u00: Jonathan
Good friend, locally still known as Boebar’s resident, but above all our main partner in crime in all thing record related.
15u00-17u00: Youri Dubfront
Colleague at BRUZZ but often companion the route at concerts, Nottinghill Carnival, Gent Jazz of other fine places of musical delight. Someone you can hang at a bar with.
17u00-19u00: Geros
Friends for even longer than Spectakulo exists. Ever been a inspiration in our never ceasing search for new music. Turns bars in Brussels often into little clubs.
19u00-21u00: Los Hermanos Brothers
One of the brothers is our weekly follow up at BRUZZ (Lowup’s mr Orange) and we love our weekly chats about music, beer and politics but it’s about time we put him behind decks at one of our do’s.
21u00-23u00: Khuram
We would have loved to have both Abondance boys over but Greg decided to go on a world trip. Khuram’s partly responsible for the best parties in Belgium pulling off always hyper interesting line-ups the C12’s, Listen festival’s, Nuits sonores’s and other Horst arts & music alike outings seem to not know about. Killer DJ’s himself.
23u00-01u00: Onda Sonora
That’s us. You should at least have an idea what we do by now.
01u00-03u00: For The Record
Locals we consider our successors in Halle and the south of De Rand. Mad about records, love finding wicked ways of sharing music and all around nice guys.

On the other stages you’ll find some other friends like M.CHUZI (live band we adore and hang at comptoirs with a bit too often), LAHT and Supafly Collective. Do check Friday’s shenanigan’s too with, among others, Spectakulo when we did it alumni Jugglin’ discotheque and Mister Critical and respected colleague Mambele.