Digressing In The Crates | Leopold Nord & Vous – Les Chocolats Glaces – Congas Productions.

Most people will know this group because of their much more famous “C’est l’Amour” single that preceded the one where this cut can be found on the b-side. And even though I like the summery camping vibe of their early and only career peak, this is the one for me. Proving they were more than a one-hit wonder.

Main reason for the quality funk vibe of “Les Chocolats Glaces” is Belgian producer is Alec Mansion. Leopold Nord & Vous is actually him and his 2 brothers. His 2 solo albums, “Microfilms” from 1982 and “Alec Mansion” released in 1983, are much sought after electrofunk gems. The latter reissued on Be With records and the track embedded beneath part of the “France Chébran Volume 2 – French Boogie 1982-1989 ” compilation on Born Bad. The French appropriating our efforts as per usual. If you want to read more about the man’s career check the excellent interview The Word magazine did with the man.

To make the family vibe complete let’s throw in another French eighties pop classic. Muriel Dacq was Alec Mansion’s wife and he produced this song too. Again generating holiday club nostalgia at the Onda Sonora HQ.

Nothing beats the beach feeling of the track that inspired this post though.