Hit the shops.


5 reason to visit a record shop near you. Current releases that should be easy to find. All-in an Hors Jeu state of mind. Off-centre or even off-side of everything, yet easy to digest. 

COS - Cosmix - Finders Keepers
Compiled by Andy Votel, this album gives you a nice introduction into the wonderful world of Belgian jazz-rock band Cos. Effortlessly fusing jazz, funk, rock and whatever else crossed their paths like you'd expect from people living in Brussels. Led by Daniel Schell but with an who's who of interesting, local musicians in their ranks during their history.  

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp - We're OK. But We're Lost Anyway - Les Disques Bongo Joe
Our favourite Swiss big bang that mixes bits from all over the musical spectrum in a post-punk kinda way has a new album out. That should be enough to make you all excited. Buy the album and go see them live if you get the chance. 

Schreel Van De Velde ‎– Balts - Blickwinkel
Guitarist Lucas Schreel teaming up with drummer Casper Van De Velde (SCHNTZL, Donder, Bombataz, …) for an interesting excursion into what is commonly known in Belgium as Duyster territories. Moody post-rock meets jazz meets … . 

Wildflower ‎– Better Times - Tropic of Love Music 
Musicians that made miles in groups like Ill Considered, Owiny Sigoma Band, Sons Of Kemet and many similar UK jazz and more outfits should be enough to catch your ear. But even without that knowledge this should get into your collection. One of the more interesting records coming out of the British jazz scene lately. 

Various ‎– Utopic Cities : Progressive Jazz In Belgium 1968-1979
Lander Lenaerts compiled an another great Belgian jazz compilation. This time concentrating on the late 60s and 70s. Lots of progressive jazz-funk-fusion bits by the usual suspects (Placebo, Koen De Bruyne, Open Sky Unit, Solis Lacus, …) and more yet still utterly fresh enough that even the most ardent collectors need this in their bag.