Mix | Hors-Jeu.Mixtape.01.Rustug.

2 radio shows are clearly not enough to share all the music we discover. So let’s start a mixtape series. Mixes rather like the tapes you made for friends and potential lovers than the “book me” mixes DJ’s compile. With as a sole goal to introduce others to the music we love. The first one in the series is a downtempo affair. Quiet vibes from different genres that make sense as a whole to us.

Schreel Van De Velde – Otter – Blickwinkel
Mantris – Augustine Tower – Souvenirs From Imaginary Cities
Moses Boyd – What Now? – Exodus
Wild Flower – Yellow – Tropic Of Love usic
Kubus & Sticks – Vliegen – Topnotch
Gabriels – In Loving Memory – Gebirels
Cleo Sol – Rose In The Dark – Forever Living Originals
Greentea Peng – Satta – AMF Records
Ze In The Clouds – Lyn – Time Is The Enemy
STUFF. – Finding Mu – SDBan
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The Lodon Symphonic Orchestra – Movement 5 – Luaka Bop
Koreless – Strangers – Young Turks
Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra – Autumn Pleiades – International Anthem Recording Co.